Engagement Party Photo Booth Services in Los Angeles

SEP 18, 2018 BY MICHAEL ROE visibility94

So many people will be thinking why install a photo booth and spend money on it when everyone has smart phones and they can click pictures and selfies with them. Hasn’t they become too mainstream because we see everyone holding a gadget and clicking ordinary pictures all the time? People are now tired of these low quality camera and pictures that are same every time. They are absolutely useful but if people think they can use smartphone camera on their special event, then they need to change this perception because only photo booth services in Los Angeles can make your special moments more special!

Photo booth is not just a simple camera, it’s a complete new experience. They are equipped with high technology and advanced features that make capturing totally different from usual smart phone pictures. Addition of creative themed layouts, premier backdrops, LED lights, green screen will make your pictures more glamorous and fascinating! And if you have some new ideas about themes and background of your pictures, photo booth will create those themes and backgrounds as per the theme of the specific event!      


Well, people are always getting engaged around you and they must want to celebrate it in a unique way with their friends and family. In old days, the functions were mostly formal and framed.  Firstly, there were dances and then food but modern wedding functions demand some more fun! In today’s era, no one would ever want to celebrate his engagement in just some formal ways where people are just sitting on chair and their heads tilted down because they are on phones! If you are living in Los Angeles and your engagement party is coming up, how are you going to make it a special and fun filled party?  Install one at your party and it will do the rest of the trick!


They provide perfect LED lights for the couple and guests’ pictures. There will be no awkward lighting or weird shadows to destroy the glamour of your beautiful pictures. For the couple and family, the pictures of this special event matter a lot and photo strips are the things which couples are absolutely going to like. If you add this add-on on your engagement party, every guest will get it and whenever they look at it, they will remember the great time they spent in your party! you can add a customized logo like the date of the event or pictures of the couple! People will take these with them and these will be the best keepsakes they have ever get.

One more advantage you can get form photo booth is that you can get the pictures in forms soft copies into your phones with the help of the pictures sharing option. These pictures can be posted immediately on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and many other social media websites and get maximum like for the people. We promise that you would get maximum compliments from people on social media. Another thing that you can do with them is that you can get the prints of the pictures of their favorite pictures that they can take home as keepsakes. This would be an amazing gift for them for so many occasions to come. if they have their birthdays, weddings or graduation, you can send some pictures as wishing cards.

Photo booth are not only for weddings. So give your family and friends a taste of the wedding to come by installing one in your engagement party along with customized crazy props!

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