Benefits of Developing an App with React Native

JUN 20, 2018 BY BRAINMOBI visibility275

/Agreatertown/ - In the super evolving world of iOS and Android, it crucial for any aspiring business to aim for users from both platforms. And as different and diverse the two platforms might be, so is the method of constructing and application which is done using separate technologies for the separate platforms. If starting from scratch, the two seperate mode of development strategies would take a lot of time can be a big halt when it comes to commencing the business mode of your organization. Amidst such conflicts, React Native has proved to be a great boon and has bridged the gap arising due to platform differences. React Native is a cross platform development tool that enables developers to simultaneously code for both platforms at once. This literally half of the time when constructing a huge application and on the part of the business owner cuts half on the labour cost as well.

One might think that applications developed through Kotlin and Swift (native development frameworks for android and iOS) might be ahead in terms of quality and delivery compared to any hybrid application development tool. But seeing the progress and success factors of organizations like facebook (which was the first one to implement the use of this framework), Bloomberg, AirBnB and even instagram it is easy to access that cross development routines is a fairly implementable strategy. So while many developers might face the inevitable dilemma of being unable to come up with a choice perfect language for application development, if you were to follow the opinion of the one of the top mobile application development company, react native would be the best answer keeping in mind the current scenario of things.

From a developers perspective the technology has a good learning environment as react native has a constantly updated open source feature which enables budding coders to learn and intermediate coders to improve. As for its features of integration, React Native when combined with javascripts gives some of the best solutions for your UI requirements. React Native lets you exhibit your versatility with other languages like Objective C and Java. Apps build in react native are similar to those built using Objective C or Java. On top of that it bridges the gap between the UI of iOS and Android components using javascript and react. The javascript runs simultaneously in the background and shall not interfere with your current user interface.

Android and iOS shall reign as the future of all mobile universe for a good number of years to come. With its consistent and good deal of users it is evident that softwares shall need to be developed for both platforms for a better reach. React Native as the name might suggest is well known for its native approach and enables coders to implement the same code on both platforms without needing to rewrite them separately. This way it forms a good platform in order to prove yourself helpful to project leaders who shall be looking to build softwares for both platforms. Also, from the perspective of a business owner who is looking to get the quickest results, react native is the best solution any app development company can give to them.

As one of the top react native application development company, we at BrainMobi can deliver some of the best solutions in the grounds of hybrid application development. Not only this but our constant research and upgrades in methods of practice has given us knowledge of the some of the emerging standards in hybrid application development one of which is Flutter. If you have an idea for a mobile application kindly write to us at .

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