5 Budget-Friendly Ideas For An Attractive Home

MAY 25, 2018 BY JULIA HAMMOND visibility995

Living in a magazine-styled home sounds like the domain of celebrities and stylists alone. In reality, anyone can lead a well-styled life and keep up an attractive home. Whether you’re looking to be more trendy or are planning on selling soon, there are simple and affordable upgrades for your home. Here’s 5 of the easiest ways to make your home more attractive. 

1. Refresh your front yard

The first thing you (and your visitors) see is the first chance to give them stylish home vibes. We’d all love a beautifully manicured lawn but we don’t all have the time or money to spend on keeping it up. Consider some quality artificial grass if you have a smaller lawn which will always look healthy and green. Another eyesore many of us leave out the front is the rubbish bins. Repurpose a metal garden shed into a hideaway for the bins and decorate it with plants or paint. Now the first view anyone has of your home will be an attractive one.

2. Focus on the detailing

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A stylish home is much like a finished painting; everything from its background to the frame has been chosen to complement the overall image. Looking around your home there’s probably a few half-finished elements. Your plasma TV has prime space on the wall, but nothing to decorate the area or organise your remotes and DVDs. An interesting entertainment unit will add a layer of design and functionality. While a bedroom makeover sounds like a challenge it’s actually as simple as adding in extra storage space, laundry baskets and a soft rug to bring more style with less mess. By finishing off the little details in every room your home will be more attractive without spending half your savings.

3. Forget about blank walls

Image supplied by HART Home Decor

Tiffany Jade Benn is the founder of HART Home Decor and one of her passions is finding ways to turn your house into a comforting and liveable home. She recommends using artworks to liven up blank walls on a budget:

“My best tip for making over a home on a budget is artwork! There are so many prints on the market these days and frames are getting cheaper and much more accessible. Plus no need to be a DIY expert to hang them either! The velcro hooks that can be taken off the wall easily without damage are much stronger these days so will definitely be able to hold up artwork and even mirrors with no worries about them falling off and breaking.”

4. Let there be light

One of the most overlooked aspects of home design is the lighting. There’s a huge difference between a well-lit room and a dark one. But most people assume making adjustments to their lighting is difficult. Not true! According to the experts at Hotondo Homes your lighting is not set in stone:

“Lighting has the ability to make a HUGE impact on your interior design. It can set the mood, make a space appear larger or smaller and it has an enormous effect on your colour scheme. For this reason alone, updating your fixtures should be priority number one! Whether you are simply swapping out bulbs for LED energy-saving alternatives, adding a floor lamp to a dark corner or trading in lampshades, take the time to give a little love to the often-neglected lighting.”

Read their full blog on living room makeovers here.

5. Bring your decor to life

Image supplied by Northcote Pottery

Natural decor is a big trend this year for homes and gardens and it doesn’t get more natural than indoor plants. Melissa King, horticulturist and Northcote Pottery ambassador advises that filling your home with greenery planted in stylish pots is a clever and inexpensive way to instantly make your home more attractive.

"Indoor plants not only make you feel good, they can also help to “clean” the air inside your home. So team your favourite house plants like calming Peace Lilies or Colourful Calatheas with decorative pots that are designed for indoor living to create the perfect showpiece for your kitchen or dining room."

An attractive home is more than achievable. All it takes is a keen eye for design and a few simple upgrades to your already existing foundations.

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