I Can’t Get My Car Sold in Brisbane. What Are My Options?

MAR 20, 2018 BY TIM RECHEL visibility65

Cars can be tough to sell, even when the car owners have gone to the trouble and expense of getting their used cars in tip-top condition. The time and effort put in, as well as the costs spent can seem endless and getting frustrated, most cars owners begin to look for other solutions. Top Cash 4 Cars of Brisbane offers the following information on how to get your hard to sell cars sold in a jiffy.      


Firstly, there are a few options. You could pass up the cash for the sale of your car and opt for a tax deduction by donating the car to your favourite charity. If you are a car owner that is in need of the cash to upgrade to a newer car, or for some other financial reason, donating your car to a charity will likely not be an option. You could contact Local Wreckers and see what they would offer you for the car; however, they will likely only be buying the car for a few parts, so the price you receive may be much lower than the price you want for the car.      

Get Top Dollar for Your Used Car


Top Cash 4 Cars Brisbane offers the option of selling your car to us. We are a Car Removal Company in Brisbane that pays top Cash for Cars, buying used cars for resale. When we buy used cars, we quote fair prices and offer an easy buying system. Our in-house appraisers appraise cars, doing their best to bring our customers the maximum value for their cars. With us, you know that you’re getting a great price for the car, which is why we are known as the Brisbane car buyer that pay top prices for used cars in Brisbane.      


We have a system that will provide you a quote for your car within minutes, allowing you to know whether you would like to sell your car to us. Just give us a call or visit our homepage to complete our online “Get a Quote” form.   

1.    Contact us for a quote.  

2.    Accept or reject our quote.  

3.    Schedule a 'FREE car removal' Brisbane.    


Get top cash for your hard to sale car today by calling Top Cash 4 Cars Brisbane at the number below. We buy all makes and conditions of cars over the phone and online.      

Call us for an instant cash quote for your car for sale. Call 0403 179 066.   

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