Key UX Strategies that every designer should adopt while designing a User-centric mobile app

JAN 23, 2018 BY BRAINMOBI visibility243

If you see the App Store marketplaces, you’ll find one thing common in 5-star rated apps – And that’s they are praised for their user-friendly experience. That’s why in this article, I’m going to brief you about the key designing strategies that you should consider while designing a mobile app:

1. Always choose the right color palette

Have you ever wondered why ‘Delete’ button is red and ‘Submit’ button is green? Or why Twitter and Facebook are all blue? – The answer is color psychology. Every proficient designer should be adept at choosing correct color usage while designing an app. Triune Brain model could help you in understanding how the human brain responds to color and visual stimulus.

2. Imbibing a personalization strategy

People love experiments and personalization freedom. That’s why you should add multiple flavors of personalization into your mobile app. By properly analyzing your existing users’ behavior, preferences, frequent searches and their interests – you could add a touch of personalization.

3. Make the on-boarding process flawless and easy

Did you remember your first flight experience? Initially you must have felt anxious and excited especially when the plane took off? But as the plane started flying everything eased up.

It’s a similar experience for the new user who downloads your app. So your app should include all the demonstrating experience and should be easy to use. This will not only retain the existing ones, but will entice new users as well. By providing the numerous unique options for new registrations, you could collect data, which could be used further in the app. But in the verge of getting data, don’t ask users to fill a long registration forms.

4. Understand your users’ behavior

If you are developing an app, then the key to develop a successful app is you should know which feature is going to make your app successful. And by analyzing your existing user’s behavior, you can have similar features in your app. And that will entice new users and retain the existing ones.

And once you have launched your app, that doesn’t mean that you are done with the research and marketing part. You should always do research and get answers of the questions like - Who are your competitors? What is your target audience? What challenges are you trying to meet? What are the areas in which you should you’re your competitors?

These are the questions which will help you in understanding the factors that can help you make your app successful and will help you in designing a better user experience app. There are a few potential analytics tools like Flurry, Google analytics, and many more. These tools will help you in figuring out why users are dropping off.

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