Social Sharing and Catchy CTAs can Radically Turn Website Visitors into Customers

NOV 13, 2017 BY MUNEEB QADAR visibility7668

Companies try very hard to come up with a taut marketing campaign so that it can generate leads for them and ultimately they can get regular customers highly interested in their products. Well, it’s a perfect scenario, isn’t it? But it’s easier said than done. Business owners do not realize that a brilliantly designed website with full ecommerce functionalities is one of the most important factors in the success of their venture.

Nowadays, customers judge a company on its website and what type of social media campaign and strategies they have. A website which looks outdated and boosts of a poor design can be the last nail in the coffin for ailing ventures. A website not functioning properly will make a visitor leave it good without further delay. That’s a prime reason why business owners or top management of a company must the take the assistance of a web design company having the expertise in coming up with a superb design.

Through this blog, I would like to discuss two scenarios where the web design of a company can offer its prospective customers a reason to browse their products further so that they can ultimately show some active interest in them.

1. Social Sharing Buttons

There are no two thoughts on how social media can have a positive impact on the future of the prospects of a company making it big in the market. Websites like Facebook and Twitter and apps like Instagram and Snapchat rule the way we perceive things on the Internet. The recent events of how Russia may have manipulated the minds of people in the US election last year and its investigation going on now is a clear proof that social media is very important in our lives.

Sometimes companies, in spite of, creating really helpful and compelling content, companies are unable to get the required traffic to their website. And in worst case, even after having traffic on their website, the generation of leads remain thin. This happens because of many websites either don’t display properly or don’t have buttons through which a visitor can share an article or product page he really loves. This is a grave mistake by companies which they must correct.

If you are also trying to launch a product or service through your website, you need to have social sharing buttons prominently after an article or right above it. Otherwise you could be missing out a whole lot of potential customers.

2. Catchy CTAs to Persuade Visitors to No End

Do you know why companies couldn’t close the deal even if a person visiting their website? This happens because they are not able to guide a visitor to the order page or persuade a person not sure about buying a product right away or later. A “call to action” catchy line can be the best way in which a person can be persuaded further to buy a product or service. A website must lead a person and make him buy a product.

A website need to educate its visitors about its products and that too in a way that doesn’t look forced. Catchy headings and one liners that can attract a person to no end can make him make a decision quickly rather than roaming around your website not sure what to do. A tagline that offers him to but the product he is watching for the last 5 minutes for 20% off can be as good as it gets. The company can save a lot by getting that customer for 80% of the original price rather than losing that customer for ever as there is no guarantee that he will ever come back. A good logo can be great for the prospects of a website in any case and a little help from a logo design company can go a long way in making a person remember the site.

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