5 Important Tips to Pass Hazard Perception Test

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1. What is hazard perception? 

2. How to alert yourself?
3. The road signs
4. Practice, practice & more practice
5. The test 

What is Hazard Perception?

In driving language, hazard perception is the ability to detect ‘what will happen next’ while driving through the road. It is important because hazard perception creates an awareness for the driver which, with proper training and practice can enhance a stronger awareness of the road you are driving on.

For example, if you are driving on a quiet suburb, you’ll automatically be aware of the surrounding. You’ll have to drive carefully, constantly staying alert in case an adult walks by or children cross the road. Anticipation is the key to a successful hazard perception driving.

Hazard perception is a compulsory test that you’ll need to ace in order to apply for your P2 license. At Learner Drivers, we cater this driving lessons as per your requirement.

How to Alert Yourself while Driving in Sydney?

This will take a lot of driving lessons! Creating awareness doesn’t happen in few lessons. At Learner Drivers, we take special care in providing a thorough hazard perception driving lesson in Sydney. Our instructors will tailor the lessons according to your driving potential. If you are driving every day and you can anticipate what’s going to happen next, this means, you’ll require less driving lessons.

During the Driving Lessons in Sydney, our Driving Instructors will teach you how to stay alert while on the road. When you’re driving, ensure you are fully aware of your surroundings. Adjust your speed according to the situation. If you’re driving for the first time in a new suburb, make sure you drive slowly.

One of the most important lessons while driving in Sydney is to look out for the road signs.

The Road Signs

When you approach a road sign, you can expect more from it. For example, if you’re approaching a roundabout, by now you know what you may expect. Similarly, you’ll have to read in between the signs. A pedestrian walking sign can mean any pedestrian, regardless of age, can simply cross the road, because it’s their priority, and so on.

It’s always important to read the road signs because it will help you detect what you may face ahead.

Practice, Practice & More Practice

To pass the hazard perception test is very important. It carries enough point to make you fail your P2 driving test altogether. Our instructors, at Learner Drivers, will provide special instruction based on your capabilities. The more you practice, the better your perception gets! 

The Test

To prevent hazardous result, keep practicing both the practical and theoretical tests. There are plenty of tests online. Keep yourself up-to-date with the rules. And we are here to give you the practical tests that you need.

To get more information on Hazard Perception and our driving lessons in Sydney, call 02 9779 1508.  

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