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OCT 20, 2017 BY LESLIE J. MCCURDY visibility265

Traders in Forex are always trading in Forex. They know that they will lose money and they are placing their trades in Forex market. Always they cannot be successful, but when they are successful and made money, they forget the important thing of being a Forex trader. They have to keep a trading record of their trading history. We know that a lot of traders go down in Forex. They do not have their strategy, they do not analyze the market, and sometimes they follow the other traders in the market. Whatever you are placing trades in Forex, you should have your trading history of the market.

In this article, we are going to tell why do traders need a trading history. Many people think their analysis is all they need in Forex. If you are driving a car and you do not know how much mileage you are getting from your gasoline, there may be a chance that your car had a very low mileage. Many traders underestimate themselves in Forex.  With their help from the trading record, they can track their progress in the market.

It should not be only of your winnings

You are not a hero who is fighting the monsters of a jungle. You are living and trading in Forex with your internet, and you need to realize that you should not only keep a record of your winnings. This is very bad. We have seen among many traders who have a trading record, but they are only full of their winnings in Forex. They boast themselves as they have won money in Forex, but there is no sign of their loss. You cannot always win in Forex. When you place your trade in Forex, there is always the way that your trend will go down, and you will lose your money. Keeping a trading record become useless when it is only full of your winnings. You should know that you can learn more from the loss than your winnings. You should keep your record honest, and you can know if you are progressing in Forex. Do not be shy and think [people will laugh at you. Your record is not going to be published on the internet.

When you start your trading career with, you need to develop a solid trading strategy. Many traders have tried to win the market without learning the art of trading. But within a short period, every one of them has understood that this market only gives profit to the experienced professionals. You need to learn about trade management so that you can quickly embrace the losing trades. Some traders will say that the simple 2% rule of risk management is enough to save your investment, but in real life trading, you need to know your risk tolerance level.

Diary is one of the best to keep a record

Many traders prefer to keep a virtual record where dairy is the best. If you have your diary for keeping a document, you can jot down the essential things that you have learned from the market trading. The virtual record will not give you this advantage, and you will not have access to it all the time.

Professional trading is tough unless you genuinely know how to deal with the market. Many novice traders in the online world have tried their best to trade with high leverage, but ultimately every single one of them has blown their account. You need to use your demo account to develop balance trading system. Learn about the price action trading system since it is one of the best ways to understand the true nature of this market. Think about your investment rather than making a profit. If you can stay in the game, then profit will come to you automatically.

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