Why You Should Consider Concrete Flooring In Your Home

OCT 06, 2017 BY TIM RECHEL visibility1147

Concrete Floors are extremely versatile as well as being durable. They have a polished sheen to them that looks aesthetically appealing. You might consider concrete flooring as too “cold” or “industrial”, however, concrete has the ability to take on color, making it possible for it to give off a warm and elegant look.

If you are still not sure about what type of floor to go for, here are some reasons why you should consider concrete flooring.


Concrete is probably the most sustainable choice to make when it comes to flooring options. An eco-friendly solution is if you already have an existing slab of concrete present and you choose to have it polished as your floor. As well as being less hassle, it means you don’t need to have extra stress on choosing and introducing new flooring for your home. It can very well be an option of a sustainable flooring for you. Experienced workers will sand the concrete down for you and either polish it or seal it to give off that finished look.


Concrete flooring is also one of the easiest floorings to maintain. All it needs is a weekly mop with a microfiber cloth and water. If you want to use a cleaner instead, choose one that is pH balanced. An option for you to consider is to have a baseboard installed. This can help you if there is a gap between the floor and wall. A baseboard can ensure no buildup is left behind after mopping. It also adds extra aesthetic appeal.


Polished Concrete Floors look elaborate but the cost that goes into installing and maintaining one is minimal. Even after a quality finish the cost may not go as high as you’d think. Contact a professional like the expert concrete and stone polishers at JSC Concrete Polishing to find out the costs of installing concrete flooring. Staining concrete floors is also an option to consider if you have a color palette in mind.


If you want something that can last the test of time, concrete flooring should be on the top of your list. By simply having it polished or sealed you increase its lifespan. They will not need replacing for a long while and will not give off a dull look if taken care of properly.


So far we’ve been talking about indoor flooring, but if you were to consider outdoor flooring, concrete is still a good option. You can use it for spaces that transition from indoor to outdoor. This will create a complete, unbroken flow. Concrete also has the ability to absorb heat, which can help you cut down on your electricity costs. To enhance the look of your concrete flooring, consider adding some oriental rugs to give off a more luxurious vibe.

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