Motocross Safety Checklist to Cross off before you Get on the Track

SEP 26, 2017 BY JILLIROSE visibility1009

More than anything else, safety should be the number one priority when riding on motocross tracks, even though most of us might not want to adhere to guidelines when enjoying probably the best experience of our lives. However, to make sure we get a chance to cherish these moments, it is important that we be vigilant to avoid or minimize the injuries as much as possible. Whether you are a rookie or a pro to dirt biking, safety should be as important as relishing the ultimate fun experience.

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Injuries might ruin the fun. Although they might be impossible to avoid, especially in a highly competitive scenarios, there are precautions every rider can take such as slapping on the fox motocross gear. The long-sleeve pants and shirt, helmet, motocross boots, a pair of gloves and goggles should suffice if you are looking at the very minimum.

Also make sure your bike is set-up for the kind of riding you have chosen. If the bike isn’t in an efficient condition, it might eventually result in wearing off or causing even a fatal accident. Equipping the bike with a suspension valve is the most important fact to tick off if you wish to ride for longer.

Maintaining your dirt bike is also extremely important and it is equally easy to do. Change the oil and the filters regularly and ensure all the bolts and nuts are well torqued. Adjusting the chain and tire pressure can also come in handy.

Another important precaution is to walking the track before you mount on the bike. This will give a great insight as to which lines to ride on and which ones not to. There could be pits and bumps or even soft spots you might want to avoid to sidestep a major crash.

Although it is more of a self-preparation trick, stretching can be important if you want to avoid an injury. Once you start riding there is a higher tendency that your muscles will tighten and can cause an injury. Also staying hydrated for a few hours before the ride is a must. Consume healthy food to keep up with the stamina needed on the track.

If you are novice and just stepping into the track with minimal supervision and practice it is significantly important to keep to your lane. The right side of the track is considered as the slow lane. It is important not to move out of the lane if you are riding on the left side of the track and you hear another rider closing in on you from behind. This might result in a hazardous outcome for yourself and for the fellow rider.

Always bring company along with you when you step into the track. There should be someone, family or friend, to drive you into a hospital and let your family know what happened. Although you can rely on the fellow riders on the track, it is best to bring in someone who knows you better especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

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