Living on A Tight Budget – How to Do It Right and Enjoy

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Just because you have to live on a tight budget does not mean you have to lock yourself away from all your friends or all fun. There are great ways to make a tight pocket work out well for you. Less money does not have to mean eating less or enjoying less, but if you do it right you can live just as any other who has extra funds to spare and not care. Here are some simple hacks and tips to make sure you enjoy every single day and not sweat about you lack of funds.

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Plan To Have Friends Over

Instead of always going out for fun and entertainment which means more money and unexpected expenses, you can choose to have your friends over. Cook up some simple dishes or have a potluck night. This way everyone brings in something and you can enjoy the company of your friends with yummy food. Rent a movie or play games. Until you get started on something like this, you won’t realise how much fun it can turn out to be. This way, you will avoid paying for cabs or fuel, cover charges for the many fancy spots you used to hang out at and also avoid running in to unwanted trouble.

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

There are special days when certain ‘restaurants near me have specials. Lunches before ten dollars and many more offers. You should take the opportunity and go for such treats. You won’t feel guilty after and will also have a break from eating at home. Some of these places have amazing deals that you should not miss. Grab a few friends and make sure you have a good time.

Go For Free Nights and Special Offers

If you want to watch a movie or concert wait till there are those specials. Some days they have free screening and open doors. On such days, you can go and have a good time as opposed to sending lots of money on cover charges. This way even if the show was not good you won’t feel bad as you didn’t have to spend to get in.

Plan and Book Early

If you are hoping to travel then it would be a good idea to plan well ahead and book your tickets early. This way, you will be able to get the early bird offer and pay a fraction of the cost you would have to pay I you were booking last minute. Most people who love to travel do this and that’s the way they get to do more travelling. Last minute booking should be left to those who are going for emergencies and on business.

Buy Things That Go On Sale or Have Offers

There are many products like juices and other grocery items that go on sale or have offers after a certain time period. They are just as good for consumption as long as you don’t plan to stock up and keep for many months. So buy you good when there are such offers.

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