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AUG 17, 2017 BY JANE visibility1074

The heated discussions and rampant speculation surrounding Amazon's entry to Australia have not stopped ever since or even before Amazon's long-anticipated announcement made in April this year (2017). The US online retail giant founded by Jeff Bezos confirmed that it will be rolling out its online emporium locally over the next five years, with promises to Australian consumers such as low prices, vast selection and fast delivery, which are what they believe customers will value most.


As per the official written statement, Amazon Web Services launched an Australian region in 2012 and a Kindle store on in 2013, they now have almost 1000 employees in the country. Their next plan is to bring a retail offering to Australia making long term investment and providing thousands of job opportunities.


With that being said, no timetable has been released and how Amazon will enter Australia still remains conjecture. However, from the constantly reported news or rumors, we can feel the US online retail giant is quietly moving their steps to achieve the ambitions that's sure to disrupt the local market.


  • The company has made a call to Australian retailers to join its marketplace. A banner on Amazon Australia's homepage, which was listed back on April 2017, reads “Amazon Marketplace is coming soon to Australia. Sign up to learn more about how you can start selling to millions of Australians with Amazon”amazon-marketplace-australia
  • In the past month, Amazon has been busy posting job vacancies on and looking for management positions, based in Melbourne in Bayside & South Eastern Suburbs, including area manager, operations manager, site safety manager and public relations officer. With the confirmed huge warehouse, they will begin recruitment immediately for hundreds of new roles such as pickers, packers and systems technicians etc.  amazon-recruitment-australia
  • Robert Bruce, Amazon's Director of Operations for Australia confirmed on Thursday (Aug. 3rd) its first fulfilment centre will be in the M2 Industry Park, which is the former Bunnings distribution center – easy access to the South Gippsland Highway, Monash Highway and Eastlink. As Australia is big with population spread and the large distances between major cities and regional towns, in order to keep its company promise to deliver anything to its Australian Prime members in two days or less, to open the huge warehouse in Melbourne or more fulfilment centres in the near future is going to be critically demanded. And Amazon will train Aussies to expect online delivery experiences to a new standard. amazon-fulfillment-centreThe former Bunnings distribution centre in Dandenong


The US e-commerce giant has already made its physical presence in Australia and retailers are already feeling the Amazon pinch. While it's speculated that Amazon will have a material impact on bigger retailers such as Myer, JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman, it can provide an e-commerce solution to help small businesses increase sales and reach new customer through Amazon Marketplace. Opening up large warehouse in Melbourne is just the first step to launch its full range of services here, including Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Prime and eventually its grocery arms Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry.


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