How to Use Facebook and Local Search for Business 2017

JUN 29, 2017 BY JANE visibility1123

The large user base of Facebook and the evolved local search should draw your attention and you should realize the importance of using it to grow your business and build up your brand's reputation. To help you see through the fog on Facebook, we generate new features on local directory Yeep for social marketing and put together some tips on how to use Facebook for business.

According to statistics, worldwide, there are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users for March 2017 (Facebook MAUs) which is an 18 percent increase year over year. (Source: And social media activity statistics of Australia in May 2017, indicates that having 17 million monthly active Australian users, Facebook is the most popular social medium in Australia, compared with 15 million Youtube users and 5 million Instagram users. Therefore, it is a good policy to present your business strategically on Facebook. Out of deference to this matter of fact, we generate a brand new, custom-built landing page for all Australian business owners to share on Facebook. Let's take a glance at it:

This is an example of Yeep's Facebook landing page for sharing. Basic info of any businesses will be customized in the little shop, including company name, logo, open time, address and so on. And the gallery window will display photos you uploaded on Yeep. Such an exhibition is not a fancy call, because beside the customized business info display, this landing page is earmarked for sharing on that platform, which means all elements like image format and font are designed to meet Facebook content policy. So the page is Facebook-friendly and can be opened promptly.

As all essential info is pleasantly shown in a compact place, when you share this page tailored by Yeep on Facebook, potential customers and business partners will be willing to lay their eyes on you.

And this is how you can make it happen:

  1. Log in Facebook account;
  2. Go to your business page on Yeep;
  3. Click Share button

We've given you a hand, and you should do your part as well.

As Facebook developing its own technology and improving search function, it has refined the function that incorporates social media data into local search to return results in a way even Google can't match. Now it can use location more effectively, and local search results are becoming complete and accurate. This is one example:

To help you increase business visibility in the Facebook search, we have some tips to offer:

  • Complete your business Facebook page profile.

    Fill up About Us section as complete as possible, including contact info, awards, impressum and more, because Facebook is building up its database through crowds. For instance, some users would be asked to provide service details about a place or company they checked in or sought via Facebook Editor. When a user checks in or tags a place, some pieces of yes-or-no questions will be asked, like "Is this place open on Sunday at 10:00 am – 11:00 pm?" or "Do you think the service provided in this place fulfills your needs?" In such case, open times and business story in your profile would be a benchmark for Facebook to consider whether that information is accurate or misleads customers, which may affect business appearance in search results.

  • Add business categories that match services you provide.

    You can add two more categories in profile despite you are only asked for one category when starting your Facebook page. This can improve your visibility at some level.

  • Provide verified location and show map and check-ins on the page.

    Go to Edit Page Info, and enter a correct address of a business. Heads up! Do check the box to show your address and map on the page:

    After all is set properly, you will see a clear map on the home page, as such:

    As mentioned above, because of the development of local search, the address will not only help your customers to get access to you, but also plays an important part in improving business visibility in search results. And Facebook will index the location into the local directory. You can regard it as a role of authority of your brand. A correct address will facilitate popularity of your brand when people check in your place and share with their friends.

  • Enrich the Make-up of page.

    Firstly, the avatar should be consistent, and symbolic of your business. A recognizable brand logo would be a good choice. Then the cover photo, or banner, should be well-designed and present company's service. Also, this part will be a perfect tool for any new promotion or announcing updates of your brand. And don't forget to add a practical call-to-action button.

  • Don't post too often.

    There is no good coming up if you post too often. It will abuse followers' news feed, which will harm the impression. Thus, instead of "spamming" promotion on the page, you should craft high-quality posts that really help customers out. Significant content is way better than meaningless hype.

Wrap up:

Facebook is one powerful tool to bond your organization with customers. It is making great strides and influential progress in local search. That means it is a chance to take a step further in social marketing. So, follow the tips and start enhancing your Facebook page. Share a customized landing page of your store on Facebook as the first step. Since effort will be more likely to spare on local search, so it's recommended that Australian business owners join local directory like Yeep as another enforcement to the growth of business.

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To help you see through the fog on Facebook, we generate new features on local directory Poter for social marketing and put together some tips on how to use Facebook for business.